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Where are the cheapest apartments in La Reserva de Marbella?

This is a question that a lot of clients ask us at Ntri Homes, and we have the answers!

Views of Manzana 3 Bloque 6 from the swimming pool
Ntri Homes have the best value properties in all areas of La Reserva de Marbella for sale

La Reserva de Marbella explained.

La Reserva de Marbella is the name given to a geographical area of Marbella East on the Costa del Sol, southern Spain. Located equidistant between the beachside resorts of Cabopino with its picturesque marina and protected sand-dunes, and the more commercialised Elviria with its the wide stretches of golden sands and beach clubs, La Reserva de Marbella consists of a number of independent communities of various property types: villa, townhouses and apartments.

VIME Hotel Resort complex
La Reserva de Marbella area consists of many independent devleopments including the VIME hotel resort.

The earliest developments of La Reserva de Marbella area were made in the 1980s and were largely of independent villas set on their own plots. Customer demand and architectural design evolved over time, with mainly townhouses being constructed in the 1990s, then later apartments in the 1990s and early 2000s. Properties were generally developed as independent communities and with boundaries so that they could set their own community name, amenities and regulations.

Over time, La Reserva de Marbella was constructed to be over two areas: La Reserva de Marbella Fase I and La Reserva de Marbella Fase II, with Fase I consisting of developments constructed up until around the year 2000. Fase II is a gated community made up of apartments only, across six separate communities of numbered Manzanas, all constructed in the early 2000s.

La Reserva de Marbella security gated entrance
The main entrance to La Reserva de Marbella Fase II

La Reserva de Marbella Fase II is a development of ground-floor, mid-floor and penthouse apartments constructed between 2003 and 2006. It consists of six communities called Manzanas, each independent to each other and all affiliated with the Master Community which manages the communal facilities that are shared by each, such as the roads, lighting, security, etc.

La Reserva de Marbella Fase II was constructed during the Costa del Sol property boom years and was a very popular new development in Marbella with affluent clients from all over the world. However, the global financial crisis of 2008 decimated the financial equation of many potential buyers of new developments across the Costa del Sol in that era. As a result, many properties were left vacant until new owners bought up and tenanted in the years from around 2015. Now for sale, we are still seeing some bargain-priced apartments coming onto the market today.

Ntri Homes have the best value properties in all areas of Marbella for sale, including La Reserva de Marbella Fase II and the majority of best value apartments in 2023 are located in this area. La Reserva de Marbella Fase II also offers the best communal amenities and facilities, including 24-hour security/concierge service and on-site bar-restaurant.

Which Manzana in La Reserva de Marbella Fase II?

The clever architectural design of La Reserva de Marbella Fase II has resulted in six very attractive communities of apartments that are largely all very similar to each other, but each incorporate subtle differences that result in every apartment having its own independent character.

The six Manzanas have been designed and constructed across a large area of rolling hilly terrain and so each bloque within each Manzana offers differing characteristics to appeal to the tastes of any discerning property owner. Orientations are from east to west through a heavily biased south orientation for best sea views, for glorious morning sun and lazy afternoon sun, and for the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Additionally, the vast array of communal facilities and gardens, swimming pools, jacuzzis and water fountains, all compliment the foreground views from the apartments and again change from one area to another, often within a few short steps of each other. In 2023, the largest selection of bargain apartments are located in Manzana 3, as this is the greatest Manzana in La Reserva de Marbella Fase II and offers more communal facilities and landscaped areas. With more properties sharing these facilities, the fees towards the running of the community are lower too.

Ntri Homes are very pleased to be offering the biggest choice of cheapest apartments for sale in La Reserva de Marbella and so please contact us for latest availability and prices. Properties are selling fast and prices currently start at only 171.600€ for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, ground-floor apartment.

If you are looking for an affordable home in Marbella, contact Ntri Homes today and let us help you find your perfect place in the sun! Telephone/Whatsapp etc: 0034711069296.


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